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The Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia has created this interactive website for private attorneys and investigators practicing under the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. The purpose of the website is to connect CJA attorneys in search of investigative services to certified CJA panel investigators. The website is staged in a password protected environment, and features posted CJA criminal cases in need of defense investigation. Specifically, certified CJA panel investigators may access the website to apply for work on CJA defense cases that have been posted by individual CJA panel attorneys. In turn, the CJA panel attorney may search for investigative services by choosing from available certified investigators who have posted their resumes on-line. This website also monitors feedback on cases completed, and provides other appropriate information about an investigator's credentials.

  • 2015 CPI Manual
  • 2015 CPI Supplement


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    please contact Laura Moorer at LMoorer@pdsdc.org.

    CJA Attorneys

    CJA Attorneys

    CJA Panel Attorneys may log in above to set up their profile and/or to utilize the system. If you have not received the instructions for logging in the first time to set up your profile and establish a new password, please email Claire Roth at croth@pdsdc.org. Individuals looking for more information on becoming a CJA Panel Attorney may access the D.C Superior Court web site for notices and announcements regarding the application process for new panel attorneys at www.dccourts.gov/dccourts/superior/cja.jsp.

    CJA Investigators

    CJA Investigators

    Certified CJA/CCAN Investigators may log in above to utilize the system. If you are a Certified CJA/CCAN investigator and you have not received your username and temporary password please email Michael Rucker at mrucker@pdsdc.org.

    Very Important:

    All Panel Investigators are required to abide by the terms of the updated CJA Investigator Guidelines which took effect on November 29, 2012. Please read the guidelines and if you have any questions please contact:

    Investigator Advisory Committee
    616 H. Street NW
    Gallery Place Building
    Washington DC, 20001

    Take note that all certified CJA/CCAN Panel Investigators need to reapply to the panel every four years and are required to resubmit their FBI fingerprint background check every two years (Please read the Guidelines for further details).

    Please access the application and instructions for background check by clicking on the highlighted text.